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Everybody enjoys a good action film again and again. No other film in any other specific genre can compare to those kicks, the tension, and the battle sequence. However, finding a decent quality action movie may be challenging, just like finding movies in other genres. Additionally, you might not want to watch every Indian action movie on the list. If this is your situation, then torrentking has made everything really simple for you. Making a list of the most successful action films from Bollywood is one of the finest ways to find your favorite movie. In the below list we placed 10 most successful and most viewed films of bollywood from action category and you will like this list defiantly.

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Shamshera Bollywood 2022 Acton Movie

2022 . Action/Adventure . 2h 39m
4.9/10 IMDb
29% Rotten Tomatoes
60% liked this film Google users
In an attempt to save his tribe, Shamshera is killed by Shudh Singh and termed a traitor. Years later, his son decides to take revenge and reunite his tribe.
Release date: July 22, 2022 (India)
Director: Karan Malhotra
Box office: 635.8 million INR
Budget: 1.5 billion INR
Cinematography: Anay Goswamy
Distributed by: Yash Raj Films
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Heropanti 2 Bollywood 2022 Acton Movie

Heropanti 2
2022 . Action/Romance . 2h 30m
2.5/10 IMDb
18% Rotten Tomatoes
38% liked this film Google users
RJ enters the glamourous life of Inaaya and Laila, a notorious cyber-criminal. Action and trouble multiply tenfold when Inaaya believes RJ is her former lover.
Initial release: April 29, 2022
Director: Ahmed Khan
Budget: 700 million INR
Cinematography: Kabir Lal
Distributed by: AA Films
Editor: Rameshwar S. Bhagat
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RRR Bollywood Acton Movie

2022 . Action/Drama . 3h 7m
7.9/10 IMDb
94% Rotten Tomatoes
83% Metacritic
92% liked this film Google users
A fearless revolutionary and an officer in the British force, who once shared a deep bond, decide to join forces and chart out an inspirational path of freedom against the despotic rulers.
Initial release: March 24, 2022
Director: S. S. Rajamouli
Budget: 5.5 billion INR
Cinematography: K. K. Senthil Kumar
Awards: New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Director
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Samrat Prithviraj Bollywood Acton Movie

Samrat Prithviraj
2022 . Action/Drama . 2h 15m
5.9/10 IMDb
18% Rotten Tomatoes
3.5/5 Times of India
64% liked this film Google users
Prithviraj Chauhan paints a target on his back when he agrees to offer Mir Hossain protection from his brother, Muhammad Ghori.
Release date: June 3, 2022 (India)
Director: Chandraprakash Dwivedi
Budget: 1.75 billion INR
Cinematography: Manush Nandan
Distributed by: Yash Raj Films
Editor: Aarif Sheikh
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Ek Villain Returns Bollywood Acton Movie

Ek Villain Returns
2022 . Action/Thriller . 2h 10m
4.5/10 IMDb
4/5 Bollywood Hungama
63% liked this film Google users
Amid the threat of a serial killer, a misunderstanding causes a singer to get abducted. As the celebrity's lover sets off to rescue her, a psychological game ensues.
Initial release: July 29, 2022
Director: Mohit Suri
Budget: 500 million INR
Cinematography: Vikas Sivaraman
Distributed by: AA Films
Executive producer: Anup Poddar
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Anek 2022 Bollywood Acton Movie

2022 . Action/Thriller . 2h 27m
6.6/10 IMDb
67% Rotten Tomatoes
4/5 Times of India
72% liked this film Google users
Joshua, a covert officer sent to handle peace talks in a disturbed Northeast India, runs into Aido, an aspiring boxer who is racially abused but still dreams of winning the gold medal for her country.
Initial release: May 27, 2022
Director: Anubhav Sinha
Budget: 470 million INR
Casting director: Mukesh Chhabra
Cinematography: Ewan Mulligan
Distributed by: AA Films
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Ram Setu 2022 Bollywood Acton Movie

Ram Setu
2022 . Adventure/Action . 2h 23m
5.2/10 IMDb
20% Rotten Tomatoes
84% liked this film Google users
An atheist archaeologist turned believer races against time to prove the true existence of the legendary Ram Setu before evil forces destroy the pillar of India's heritage.
Release date: October 25, 2022 (India)
Director: Abhishek Sharma
Budget: 1.5 billion INR
Cinematography: Aseem Mishra
Distributed by: Zee Studios
Editor: Rameshwar S. Bhagat
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